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Electrotherapy and local modalities are used to assist in pain reduction and the natural healing response via an increase in energy. The Interferential machine used in our clinic assists through the use of electrical energy. Four suction cups are used to perform this treatment intervention.

The interferential machine is a method of pain relief and inflammation reduction that provides short-term relief and stimulation. This allows you to continue moving as comfortably as possible until the issue is healed. It is also beneficial as the pain reduction caused by the machine allows exercises to take place in order to re-train correct motor control patterns that pain and inflammation would normally inhibit.

Common sites of application for injuries include; lower limb muscle tears, forearm and shoulder injuries, lower back and knee inflammation and acute tears.

As soon as we are able to reduce your symptoms and introduce basic movement patterns, the sooner we can get you back to your regular state of health.

achilles tendon injury