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Post Operative Rehabilitation

There are many types of orthopaedic surgeries performed that require pre and post operative rehabilitation. Such surgeries include ACL and rotator cuff reconstruction, spinal surgeries (i.e., laminectomy, fusion), total knee (TKR) and hip replacements (THR), joint “clean out’s”, post pregnancy pelvic floor retraining (Pilates) and fractures (open reduction fractures requiring ‘screws and plates’).

Many patients in agreeance with their surgeon to trial a rehabilitation program in a measure called conservative treatment. Surgery is considered when a period of conservative treatment failed to return the body region to pre-injury state and/or the limb has loss of function.

In most cases the operated site will need to be protected initially requiring a period of immobilisation (use of crutches, ROM brace or casting). Following this period, physiotherapy rehabilitation is prescribed to help regain the loss of movement, muscle size, strength and functionality. This is where the fun starts – rebuilding the injury to a level you want!

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