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Sports Podiatry

When it comes to your feet and lower limbs, you might not realise how much they affect the rest of your body. They serve as our gateway for physical activity with conditions such as sports-related injury or arthritis that can be diagnosed by one visit from us! We also offer treatment options so patients living an active lifestyle don’t have any limitations on what type movements they do each day – helping them connect even further into this world around them while feeling vibrant again at their peak performance level

What is Sports Podiatry?

Sports podiatry is the medical specialty dealing with all problems of feet and lower limbs; whether it be through prescription appropriate (or sports specific) footwear, customised training programs or orthotics to optimise foot & leg health. Our doctors are trained assess biomechanical capabilities in line movement/sports evaluation evaluate stability posture alignment functionality .

When should I visit a sports podiatrist as rather than a general podiatrist and orthopaedic surgeron?

1. We all know the feeling of soreness after training, but it’s important to take care of your body in order for you not experience any injuries during competitions or practice sessions; this way we can make sure that our athletes are prepared and ready when their time comes!

2 .Athletes should always follow sport-specific assessments created by professionals who have been trained specifically with injury rehabilitation strategies at hand (such as podiatry). The goal is prevention! Because an unused muscle might be more susceptible than others.

Sports Podiatrist Marrickville