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Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Painful ingrown nails can be a Universal issue. An Ingrown nail typically occurs when the corner of your plate grows into skin, allowing bacteria to enter and causing painful infections (look out for signs: redness/hotness swelling pain discharge). This is often caused by something we wear daily like enclosed footwear, hereditary, or physical exercise which becomes increasingly difficult as it causes intense discomfort at point mutation.

Ankle Foot Orthotic Treatment

Foot orthoses can be used to relieve pain and facilitate healing in the foot by supporting your lower limbs. These external supports are designed specifically for people who experience intense discomfort when they walk, run or stand up from sitting down due their conditions such as plantar fasciitis ( painful stiff heel), osteoarthritis(degenerative arthritis) chronic ones like diabetes mellitus rheumatoid arthritis hypermobility syndromes tendinopathy neuroma corns calluses etc., which means that these devices will help you feel better whether it’s because of old age, overusing muscles through physical activity or long days at work.

Dry Needling and Mobilisation

Dry Needling is a treatment performed by trained podiatrists, targeting muscle trigger points to reduce pain. The technique works on the principle of introducing fine needles into certain areas where there are Hard-Knots (or “muscle knots”) which can cause intense inflammation and even structural damage in some cases! When these tough little guys receive stimulation from an outside source like dry needling they begin twitching around until their energy has been released entirely through this gentle movement – usually leading you away with relief following shortly after.

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy (medically known as prolotherapy) is regenera6ve therapy (or sclerotherapy) used an alternative treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain.
Prolotherapy is a procedure where a solution such as dextrose (sugar) or lidocaine (local anaesthetic) is injected into the injured soft tissue. The solution kick starts the body’s restorative response to the injured joints, ligaments and tendons. It is not a surgical treatment, rather a conservative way to manage pain.
Prolotherapy can be supplemented with a co-management plan and can also be a means to delay or possibly eliminate the need for surgery. Prolotherapy has been successfully used in western medicine for over 60 years. Research and systematic reviews show support for the treatment of tendinopathies, ligament dysfunction, bursitis and neuroma’s.

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