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Biomechanical Assessments

Biomechanics is the study of how we move, not just human movement but also what happens internally and externally to cause those movements. Every part of our body has a specific function; whether they’re being overworked or underused can lead us into compensation which places you at higher risk for injury. The assessment of your body’s mechanics is an important part in determining the cause and treatment for many foot problems. A biomechanical test will determine whether or not you are experiencing pain, as well as what areas need attention by assessing how effectively all joints function together during testing specific activities like walking patterns with each step counting towards a score which can then provide insight into our client’s overall health.

We all have a part of our body that moves us through life. Whether it be the feet and legs, or other parts like arms or head – they’re important for moving around in everyday tasks as well as playing sports! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an injury now; don’t wait until pain sets into your muscles before consulting with one of our professionals who can help make sure everything is right- give them call today so we talk about what options are best suited to YOU.