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Nerve Pain Treatment (Spinal Decompression/Traction)

Spinal decompression is a motorized traction machine that relieves pain by gently stretching the spine using adjustable force. Whether the Cervical (neck) or Lumbar (lower back) application is used, you simply lay on your back, the appropriate accessory is attached to you and you are gentle stretched (decompressed).

Would spinal decompression help you? Symptoms generally experienced to warrant traction include: pins and needles or numbness down the arms/hands or legs/foot, sciatica, weakness and loss of strength/function in the limbs.

The discs in the spine are situated between the bones (vertebrae) of the spine. The gel like material comprised in the disc, have become compressed, ‘bulging’ into the path of the nerves. The pressure created by the traction machine promotes oxygen and nutrient rich fluids to the region.

The pain is generally common at night, when in bed or first thing in the morning for a short period, however it can also surface when gripping objects, walking long distances and when sitting for long periods. It may also be difficult to locate the one point of tenderness.

Initially our assessment will involve a history which would require a neurological examination. Our therapists will also prescribe you exercises that you are required to perform between treatment sessions. These exercises are designed to help keep the fluid in your disc’s well balanced and control the symptoms.

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