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Functional movement assessment to determine any movement issues. During this kind of assessment, the Exercise Physiologist will look at common movements linked to what you are struggling with and identify any weak links or incorrect movement patterns that need to be modified.

Strength assessment to determine muscle weakness or imbalance. The left and right side of your body will never be equal in terms of strength, this is called asymmetry. Strength imbalances occur from favoring our right over left and vice versa, over-training desired body parts over others, poor exercise program structure and over-training.

Cardiorespiratory assessment to analyze heart rate response to exercise. The EP need to assess the amount of effort that corresponds with a particular exercise ensuring you are not working over your tolerance level by an enormous amount.

Lifestyle assessment to determine daily habits that may be impacting your health such as exercise, sleep and work – are just a few examples. Most of what we do in our everyday lives is directly impacting our health, I mean, what else can it do

Physiotherapist Assessment