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Manual Therapy

Better known as ‘hands on therapy’. This type of therapy includes kneading and the manipulation of muscles including joint mobilisation and manipulation. This is what most people look forward to when coming to Physiotherapy – for the body to feel like it has had something done to it. Nonetheless it is our role to also educate you on the significance of appropriate exercises to consolidate the manual therapy performed during the consultation, to the overall outcome.

When performing any type of physical activity, you may start to feel an increase in vitality. It is only natural once this occurs to increase what you are doing, although this of course requires the body (muscles and joints) to transform to a new state, your progressed state! Rehabilitation/maintenance is necessary to avoid injury. Manual therapy aims to promote freedom of movement by decreasing pain whilst increasing performance output.

Common injuries treated with manual therapy techniques include: back & neck pain, headaches, ankle sprains, calf and hamstring tears, adductor tendinopathy, Knee ligament injuries including ACL & PCL injuries, shoulder pathology, patella dislocations and fractures, ‘anterior’ knee pain, fractures/ dislocations, concussion/whiplash injuries, achillies and foot issues.