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We offer semi private clinical Pilates and exercise classes within our clinic. Each of the classes are led by our physiotherapist, Samantha Elias, who is trained in this field and is also our Women’s Health specialist.

Our classes are also individualised in accordance with your previous injury history and current goals. Prior to joining the class, we will conduct an assessment to better understand your injury history and to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timed) goals that we will work towards.

The class is capped at maximum of five people at a time to ensure that each participant receives attention so that proper technique can be the focus.

The bulk of the class will be set out into body parts so the session is systemised as well as additions to target clinical rehabilitative exercises. Injuries requiring a Pilates maintenance program commonly include but not limited to are; lower back and neck pain, hip and knee malfunction, postural complications and shoulder injuries. Post operative patients will also benefit from these classes as they are more targeted for specific muscles and joints that are the weak link in the chain. For more intense and gym-based programs, our Exercise Physiologist, Aaron can accommodate you.

Physiotherapist Pilates