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Children/Kids Early Development

We have all heard or said “gee you’ve grown quick”. Children grow and adapt at a rapid rate making it easy for things to ‘just happen’ which has a lot to do with their developmental milestones. Generally, children can experience hip knee and ankle pain especially when they are participating in multiple sport and activity sessions. Other common presentations can include inward bowing feet, knock knees and a slouchy posture.

A simple way you can look at it is the body has grown quick making the bones of the body too heavy for the muscles to hold in place and in addition play sport whilst being at a disadvantage.

We work with young kids to improve their strength, flexibility and movement as they are in the developmental stages of their lives avoiding any maladaptive compensatory strategies that could have been avoided with early intervention. We also tackle the critical issue of childhood obesity to reduce the risk of severe health complications that can be avoided through effective exercises. At this level many of the exercises are performed in a game format to increase engagement and participation.

childhood exercises