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Compression Therapy

At Insync Health we believe in and use compression therapy. Compression therapy’s main aim is to increase lymphatic flow. By increasing flow in and around the body’s different regions, flow is able to reach the specified limb/s, mainly peripherally (away from the main mass of the body).


By increasing circulation, a spike in nutrients to soft tissue structures occurs and allows muscles to rejuvenate. The benefit of an increased rate of muscle rejuvenation, or muscle recovery, means you are able to repeat a conditioned performance similar to that of the previous sessions with the likelihood of going beyond.


Another positive benefit of compression is the reduction in pain levels enabling for quicker recovery and repeat high level performances at the gym or in competition.


The Normatec 2.0 used by Insync health uses dynamic air compression with a specific pulse technology to flush out pain, inflammation, and soreness. The Normatec 2.0 compression therapy system brings oxygenated blood to the parts of the body furthest away from the heart.


The Normatec compression therapy system comes equipped with Bluetooth features allowing you to control and track your compression therapy sessions.

If you are anyone competing with yourself at the gym or competing in competition, the Normatec 2.0 compression therapy system is the best option for you to get faster results. Enquire with reception as there are packages available.

Compression therapy with our Normatec 2.0 gold standard device