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Conditioning Programs

Strengthening your core to get you back on track!

Do you ever feel not strong enough when you train? Do you feel like you are exerting too much energy for an unmatched return? This could be due to a weak/insufficient core ultimately straining your muscles to the point of pain or the inability to repetitively train. This may not occur in one training session, but over time through several training sessions.

You could also be training at a higher level then what your body can handle at this point in time; causing micro stress reactions of joints and tissue, leading to locked joints and/or tendon inflammation.

DO NOT WORRY, the in-depth knowledge and familiarity of a wide range of dysfunctions at ‘Insync Health Clinic’ allows for the easy assessment of your core (pelvic floor) and other muscle groups such as your prime movers, to then subsequently provide you with exercises at your level.

This will allow you to train in a ‘safe zone’ and giving your body the chance to let you know when it is ready to be progressed, rather than progress yourself to quickly increasing your risk of injury.

Exercise Physiology Marrickville