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We provide exceptional Physical Therapy services in Marrickville

Manual/ physical therapy is a specific form of physical therapy delivered with the hands of a clinician as opposed to the use of device or machine – although devices may be used in combination with manual therapy. In manual therapy, clinicians use their hands to; desensitise muscle tissue, joint play (mobilisation and manipulation), trigger point releases and traction techniques in an attempt to decrease pain, improve range of motion and retrain the muscle activation patterns that may be driving your dysfunction.

The physiotherapists at Insync Marrickville Physiotherapy are thorough with the conservative approach to the spine, joint care and muscle energy imbalances, known as manual/physical therapy. Experience of the physiotherapists,  up to date literature, a tailored treatment approaches allows effective relief to all pain areas such as back and neck pain, headaches, hip and shoulder pain, sprain “post-operative rehabilitation”, strain injuries and whiplash injuries.

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