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ACL Injuries

These are one of the most common acute knee injuries in sport and activity. It occurs when you twist the knee inward. It can occur in a non-contact scenario where you intend to change direction and pivot your foot in the ground and your knee ‘buckles’ in. This may be associated with a ‘pop’ sound. The contact scenario requires the exact same movement of the knee that is forced by an external force – an opponent.

The most common intervention approach is surgical. This is a 2 hour procedure in which a graft is used to replace the ruptured material. It is a common issue these days and the technology available allows rehabilitation to begin immediately. The option for surgery should only be discussed once goals have been decided and the individual is willing and able to commit to a rehabilitation program.

The injury causes high amounts of rotation, especially inward/medial, and so it is common to injure the media collateral (MCL) ligament as well as the medial meniscus.

Initially it may swell within the hour and difficult to walk, bend and straighten the knee. Rehabilitation will begin immediately after surgery in which the main objective is to regain extension of the knee, improve your walking and reduce pain and swelling in the first 2 weeks. Isolation exercises will also be prescribed in this phase and the return to weight bearing exercises will begin once normal gait is achieved.

If you have any MRI scans or x-rays bring them in with you so it is easy to assess the damage and we can begin your return to sport and get you back to exercise as soon as possible. Pre-habiliation programs are also available at the clinic.