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Lateral Ankle Sprains

The lateral ligament complex includes the ATFL (anterior talo-fibular ligament) and the CFL (calcaneo-fibular ligament). The most commonly injured out of the two is the ATFL. When the ankle twists outward (toes inward) injury to these lateral ligaments is likely. If the twists is of high velocity the CFL ligament can be the second ligament torn. This may sound extremely serious and it is. Treating these ligaments in the acute phase is easy compared to the rehabilitation. You may see bruising and some swelling on the side of the ankle and into the foot area. This is a completely normal response from your immune system. Apply the easy applicable acute therapy, Rest Ice Compression Elevation, and Refer on – if you are unable to weight bear on your foot, perform an X-ray at a hospital or medical centre.

The ankle ‘roll’ has upward of 70% reoccurrence rate. It is crucial that you seek assistance from the treatments available at our clinic in order to restore all impairments.

Common treatment interventions applied by our therapists include; massage, joint and muscle mobilisations, ultrasound therapy, acupuncture, taping, stretching and an in-depth proprioception program and re-strengthening program.

If you want to be able to reduce your pain, be sure to start a rehabilitation program and return to your chosen activity as soon as possible. Book your appointment today.