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Ankle Kinesio Taping


Ankle Kinesio Taping

If you are seeking ankle kinesio taping your injury is not as severe and you are looking for something that can give you a bit of support without the restriction of rigid taping.

If you have been to an experienced practitioner, you would have noticed that there are several ways to utilise taping as well as different types of taping – all providing a specific outcome.

The most important question in regard to taping of the ankle is what is the desired effect of the tape you are providing.

In my experience in the clinic if there is an injury to the integrity of the ankle joint most commonly rigid taping is used to reduce the risk of recurrent sprains, or on return to sport after a recent sprain.

The foot and ankle are the first bodily segments contacting the ground with the responsibility of absorbing ground contact forces as well as carrying the body weight from above. The reason I am explaining all this to you is that if you’re ankle is compromised kinesio taping may not be enough.

Although if you have a soft tissue injury, the proprioceptive feedback on the skin the kinesio tape provides you, may be all the help you need.

If you are deciding between what you NEED book an initial consultation at Insync Health clinic and you will only be a thorough assessment away from knowing what you need to do!