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Tendinitis Leg Treatment


Tendinitus Leg Treatment

Do you feel sore and tight during activity, and only gets better when you warm up? Are you experiencing pain and swelling after activity?

Tendinitis leg treatment can occur in any part of the body in which a spike/change in your activity occurs which exceeds the threshold of the CURRENT conditioning of that specific tendon.

At Insync Health clinic we diagnose and treatment tendinitis’s on a daily basis, as unfortunately as humans, we have the tendency to exceed our limits.

The most common sites of leg tendinitis, starting from the top, down; gluteal tendinitis, patella tendinitis (jumper’s knee) and achilles tendinitis.

At Insync Health clinic our clinicians will perform a thorough assessment to identify where the location of the tendinitis is, assess your biomechanics and strength deficits and map out a plan with you to reach the desired goal.

Initially our clinicians will aim to identify the most aggravating factor, reduce the stress to the local area and work through your functional capacity to be able to condition you to meet the demands of everyday life. Book an initial consultation today with Insync Health Clinic and have your tendinitis leg treatment commence and get you moving pain free again.