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Best Treatment for Rolled Ankle


Best treatment for rolled ankle

Are you someone who has rolled their ankle? Are you wondering how you can fix it and what the future looks like? Then you need the best treatment for rolled ankle.

Just to set the standard for what’s to come in this blog; A recent study reported that more then 50% of people who sustain a lateral ankle sprain (LAS) do not seek medical attention and develop chronic ankle instability with recurrent sprains and swelling occurring for at least 12 months after the initial injury.

It’s a simple solution, you just need to put more time and respect into your health and well-being; if you need to build a house, call a builder… if your toilet is blocked call a plumber, if you have rolled your ankle (especially more then once), book an appointment with Insync Health and see one of our Physiotherapists or Podiatrists.

What should you expect from an initial consultation for your ankle. You must ensure if you are struggling to weight bear (walk around), you may have a small fracture and that needs to be cleared before starting rehabilitation.

The main components of ankle rehabilitation that requires attention includes; pain & swelling, ankle ROM (range of motion), proprioception (balance & stability) and then the final stretch home; strength > endurance > return to sport/activity.

As you can see with the consequences of continual swelling for 12 months from not seeking medical attention. Don’t be a statistic, book a consultation today by booking online or calling and get yourself a thorough ankle assessment.