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Front of Ankle Pain Treatment


Front of ankle pain treatment

Do you experience pain at the front of your ankle? Are you sick and tired of pain and the avoidance of activity?

Front of ankle pain treatment is a common course of treatment our Physiotherapist’s and Podiatrist’s treat. There are many mechanisms to pain at the front of your ankle.

Ankle pain is a common injury treated amongst our clinicians from one of 2 reasons. One is acute pain felt at the front of the ankle bone on the outside of the ankle that is commonly injured when you “roll” your ankle.

A thorough assessment is required as any bony anomalies (fractures) need to be cleared prior to any commencement of rehabilitation. It is a common occurrence for bony anomalies to be missed with these injuries as pain tolerance from patient to patient differs.

Another mechanism is that of a repetitive nature, that results in front of ankle pain can be from repeated impact i.e., repetitive jumping (snowboarding, basketball, rapid change of direction sports). A more serious issue can arise at the front of the ankle that will require rehabilitation, that of the “talar dome”. Thorough assessment and further investigation (MRI) will be required for this injury.

Either way, front of ankle pain treatment should be acted upon immediately with a thorough assessment by our team at Insync Health clinic clearing any major issues and placing you on the road to optimal function, pain free. Book an initial consultation with our team today and ensure all your questions are answered.