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Chronic Ankle Pain Treatment


Chronic Ankle Paint Treatment.

Had enough of your long-standing ankle pain?  Are you sick of avoiding activity due to the thought of having ankle pain?

If long standing ankle pain is a problem for you, you are requiring chronic ankle pain treatment.

If you have ankle pain, rolled your ankle at-least once and/or you want to improve your strength and confidence of your ankle, then this read is made for you.

Most of the client’s presenting into the clinic requiring chronic ankle pain treatment, roughly 90% minimum, have not utilised the most effective tool a human has when suffering from pain, and that is a de-load period. Hold up here for a second, I did not say rest or avoid any activity, but de-loading, equal to or below the tissue’s current threshold to allow for sufficient healing and stop the compensatory pattern you have been using this whole time.

That’s right, its simple, all you need right now is a software update. If you are assessed by an experienced practitioner, following a period of de-load and the inclusion of basic foundation rehabilitation principles you will notice a big difference in the first 2 weeks.

During this period of de-load, Insync Health will implement the rebuild of all the vital pillars of ankle rehabilitation; AROM, proprioception (balance & awareness), strength & endurance followed by graded return to sport.

If you are someone that has been struggling with ankle pain and post activity swelling, avoiding activity, wanting to get stronger, put an end to it, seriously. Allow one of our experienced practitioners to thoroughly assess your current conditioning followed by the implantation of a targeted program to get you back to your functioning best! At Insync Health clinic, we have multiple booking options to allow a suitable time to be found for you.