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Do you experience Shoulder pain when lifting?

Are you someone who’s always getting pain when lifting over head? Are you unable to get through a session without serious pain? Well then, this article is for you. Today I’m going to give you three tips to reduce your shoulder pain when lifting, instantly!

Shoulder pain is very common, especially when lifting overhead where the shoulder is under the most stress. The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body and can move in many different directions which requires a lot of stability, control and strength. There’s many things that can go wrong here, and when you add load to this equation the result can often be pain.

There are numerous structures around the shoulder that can be the cause of pain when lifting overhead. Some of the common areas of injury can be the rotator cuff, the bursa and the long head of the biceps. All of these structures live within the subacromial space which is a small tunnel in the shoulder underneath the acromium. Poor form when lifting can act to reduce the amount of area in the subacromial space causing compression on these structures resulting in pain and a reduction in strength.

There are many mistakes that we see day in day out in the clinic that can either lead to, or cause these types of injuries through compression in the subacromial space. However, a simple technique change can reduce compression immediately, increase efficiency of movement and strength. So here are my 3 hot tips to reducing shoulder pain to help you lift pain free.


1.Make sure you can see your hands: When performing overhead dumbbell press too many people have their hands next to their ears. This is a very provocative position for the shoulder. Bring your hands in front of your face slightly so you can see them in your periphery. We call this positon scaption. This position increases the subacromial space which relieves compression on the bursa and tendons.



2. Retraction of the shoulder blades: Before lifting overhead think about having some tension between the shoulder. This slight retraction movement again opens up the space in the shoulder to allow more efficient movement.




3. Keep your elbows tucked in: Make sure your elbows are not flaring out to the side and are tucked in close to the body. This makes it easier to maintain that retracted position.










Try these 3 tips at home or in the gym when lifting overhead. If pain persists, or you are having difficulty please come in and see us at Inysnc Physiotherapy in Marrickville for a full assessment.