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How Professional Cyclists Can Benefit From Sports Massages

If you are a professional cyclist, you know exactly how testing the long rides can be. This is where a sports massage or remedial massage comes into the picture. Whether you are a semi-pro, a professional or a die-hard cycling enthusiast, remedial/sports massage can provide you with the often-needed and well-earned opportunity to completely recover from the effects of spending long hours in the seat.

Cycling can provide you the opportunity to keep healthy and fit while enjoying the outdoor environment as well as socialising with peers & fellow competitors. However, the activity does have the potential to cause aches and pains if you don’t look after yourself. Getting regular sports or remedial massages during your preparatory & recovery phases can go a long way in staving off injury. In fact, it can also allow you to enjoy cycling in colder weather. Read on to find out more how professional cyclists can benefit from sports massages.

Sports Massage – What Is It?

All sports massage is always tailored in order to meet the person’s needs and goals. An invigorating sports massage can prove to be beneficial on the day of the event. As part of your massage program, you will receive longer and slower treatments for a day or two after a long ride. This is part of the recovery phase. Remedial-based, specific sports massages are typically applied in the preparatory phase of your program.

The program is always a combination of various techniques including joint mobilisation, stretching, and massage. The goal of this treatment and the manner in which it fits into the program will decide what the depth and speed of the massage are and which mobilisation or stretch technique will be used.

Remedial Massage – The Benefits

  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is something that every cyclist suffers from at some point. A remedial massage helps you recover from the soreness. This is because it increases the lymphatic drainage and the circulation in your body.
  • A remedial massage by an expert physiotherapist will help your body filter out all the toxins and will aid the circulation of oxygenated blood which helps fuel higher levels of exercise and energy again.
  • This specialized massage reduces the stress placed on your joints during long rides, helping your muscles return to their resting length.
  • It will also help reduce swelling and will increase flexibility and mobility.
  • One of the major benefits of a sports massage is that it helps reorganise the muscle fibres.
  • In addition to the physical benefits, a sports massage also has a number of psychological benefits. It helps in enhancing a sense of overall well-being because it releases endorphins in the body. In fact, this also helps reduce distress and anxiety.

Tailored Sports Massage Programs

While there are a number of undeniable benefits to getting a remedial or sports massage done, it is crucial that you go to a credible and reputed physiotherapy centre. The experts there would be able to assess your condition and will create a tailored program based on whether you require massages prior to a big event or after it. They can also design an ongoing maintenance program that will help you maintain range of motion, overall flexibility, and provide you with a relaxation you need.

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