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Effective Ways of Reducing Neck Pain

The human neck is a very complex structure; incidentally, it’s also one part of our body that we use a lot. But it’s also quite fragile and things like poor posture, excessive hours of sitting at a desk in front of a computer, and stress can all result in stiffness in the neck. And when this happens, the blood supply to the brain gets impacted which in turn results in a drop in energy levels. Aside from this, you may also experience pain that can make it difficult and uncomfortable for you to carry out regular activities.

If your neck pain persists, it can pose a problem not just at work or when you are at the gym but also in most other activities that you carry out on a daily basis. Eventually, it can also lead to various health issues. The good news is that there are a number of effective ways of reducing neck pain can be dealt with and here are some of them:

How to reduce neck pain

#1 The right exercises

The best way to loosen up neck muscles is to do some yoga poses and stretches every single day. Do a few head rotations while you are working at your desk in the office or when you are watching TV in your home. This helps in stretching the neck muscles. You don’t need to allocate any special time to do these basic stretches which makes it all the more easy to incorporate them into your day.

#2 Relaxing massage therapy

One of the best ways to relieve stiffness and tension in the shoulders and neck is to get professional massage treatments. If you do this with regularity, not only will it help in loosening your neck muscle, but will also keep the rest of your body pain-free. In addition to massaging the neck and shoulder, you can get a myofascial massage done as this promotes healing and normal functioning of the neck.

It’s crucial that you get the massages and physiotherapy treatment from skilled professionals. Apart from providing you good relief from your back pain, a professional massage therapist will also use techniques that can keep your joints flexible and nimble and it will help improve your posture, relieve stress and lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

These therapies gently manipulate the joints and spine in order to relieve back & neck pain. These are proven treatments that are very effective in treating acute as well as chronic neck and back pain conditions; no medication is involved and physiotherapy focuses on addressing the condition via consistent, customised exercise and massage routines. Smooth stretching techniques help reduce the stress and fixations in the neck area and the cervical spine.

Choose the right physiotherapist

Neck & shoulder pain should never be taken lightly. Not only does it affect your daily activities significantly, but also impacts your overall health and well being. Many people take painkillers to keep the pain at bay but that isn’t a good option. Long-term consumption of painkillers can harm your health.

When you are looking for a physiotherapist choose one with the right qualifications, training, and experience. Look for a well-established and reputed centre with state-of-the-art facilities. Only skilled and experienced physiotherapists would be able to diagnose the condition and design a tailored treatment plan that will show quick and lasting results.

We at Insync Physiotherapy have skilled and experienced physiotherapists on board and can provide excellent treatments and care. For any more information on the different types of services we provide, feel free to contact us on 02 9569 5145. You can also send us your queries via this online form.

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