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Some Physio Tips Runners Should Follow

If you are planning on including running in your regular exercise routine, following the right technique will help ensure you don’t injure yourself. There are certain trends that are evident with runners who very regularly get injured. Here are some physio tips for runners that will help you run without becoming injured or stressing your muscles.

Physio tips for Runners

#1 You need to do more than just running

If you love running and feel that it’s all you need to keep you fit, think again. Can you be healthy without following a nutritious and well-balanced diet? Similarly, you can’t just expect to keep fit with running. Incorporate some strength training into your routine as well. And this doesn’t mean you have to lift heavy weights; just do press-ups, lunges and squats as well as calf raises and sit-ups. These simple things done in a number of repetitions will improve your stamina and strengthen your muscles.

#2 Strengthen your core

There are certain exercises that will strengthen your core such as reverse planks, side planks, planks as well as Swiss ball exercises. A stronger core will make you more stable on your feet and Pilates is a good form of exercise to give you very good constructive correction. If you find yoga more interesting, do that instead of Pilates. This will help you strengthen your core and improve mobility.

#3 Focus on your gluteal muscles

Glutel muscles are vital in reducing the strain on your back when you are running; they also help control where your knees face and to a certain extent where your feet point. Some of the most effective exercises to strengthen your gluteals are cable exercises, lateral ban walks, the Clam etc.

#4 Wear the right kind of running shoes

Choose your running shoes with care even when you are purchasing the same model you’ve been using for a long time. Every new launch of the same model of shoe will be a little different. This means the newer version may not be right for you. Keep in mind that your standing foot posture is very different to the running foot posture and walking foot posture. This is why you need to get assessed correctly while buying a new pair of running shoes.

#5 Never ignore your injuries

If you have suffered an injury it’s important that you don’t ignore it. Very importantly, don’t start running until you get it examined and treated by an expert. Running when you are injured will only give you a new injury in addition to the first one! This is because your body will automatically alter the manner in which you run to compensate, and aches and pains will surface in other areas of your body.

This is why it important that you get your injuries, checked out. Simply treating the symptoms isn’t enough and you need to make sure that the cause of the pain is treated. That is the one way to ensure you’ll be stronger and keep your body injury-free for longer. A good physiotherapist will assess your injury and provide the appropriate therapy to help you get back on your feet quickly. Look for a qualified and trained professional for this treatment.

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