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The Various Conditions That a Podiatrist Can Help With

Many people have jobs that keep them on their feet for extended periods of time. For instance, nurses, workers on construction sites, as well as many other professionals that have field jobs are constantly on their feet. And this creates problems such as burning feet, heel pain as well as tired legs. Spending long periods of time on your feet, or walking on hard, unrelenting surfaces and the demands of certain types of jobs, leads to an overload of aches, pains as well as injuries.

Unfortunately, the human body and the feet aren’t designed to endure these conditions; this means we need to intervene to provide correct cushioning and support, to keep ourselves from feeling this pain.

How a Podiatrist Can Help

A podiatrist understands that you want to be strain and pain-free while at work, but even more importantly, you want to be active outside of work too. These professionals can help in a number of ways. Here are the various conditions that a podiatrist can help with:


A person with diabetes needs to see a podiatrist at least once every year. The consequences of not consulting this specialist can prove to be disastrous. The condition can lead to sores that won’t heal, nail fungus, cracked heels as well as loss of feeling. In fact, even a condition that’s as minor as a callous can quickly spiral right out of control in diabetic people, leading to amputation of a lower limb. If you are a diabetic, it is important that you keep annual appointments with your podiatrist.

People with joint pain in their feet

Stiff, red or swollen toes impact a person’s ability to walk around. A podiatrist can help slow down the progression of arthritis (joint pain) in your feet and can prescribe certain medications that can provide relief. They will also evaluate the shoes that you are wearing and recommend what changes you can make to your diet. These can prove to be particularly beneficial especially if you’re suffering from gout-related arthritis.

If you’ve got flat feet, nerve pain, ingrown nails, athlete’s foot or bunions, that just won’t quit, it important that you consult a Podiatrist without delay. They will conduct an examination, to identify what the root cause of the problem is and will provide the necessary treatment.

We at Insync Physiotherapy have skilled and experienced podiatrists on board and can provide excellent treatments and care. For any more information on the different types of services we provide, feel free to contact us on (02) 7226 3432. You can also send us your queries via this online form and we will respond quickly and answer any queries you may have.

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